長野、静岡、山梨、東京 Cultural exchange with junior high school students in Japan and sightseeing of popular spots.

How about cultural exchange in Japan as a valuable experience for students.

In early January, students from Tongji University's Experimental Junior High School in China visited Japan for the purpose of interacting with Japanese students. I visited 4 places in Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Nagano, and Tokyo, visited many sightseeing places, learned Japanese culture and had a kaleidoscope making experience and had fun. The school exchange with the students of junior high school in Nagano prefecture is also carried out, and they are also participating in the classes actually conducted in Japan. We also visited a campus tour of Waseda University, a popular tourist spot in Japan recently for Chinese students.

We will also receive many talks of school exchange tours from overseas schools, and we will assist you in making arrangements for travel, experiences, and school exchanges, etc. in accordance with your wishes.

1月上旬に、中国の同済大学附属実験中学の生徒さんが日本の中学生の生徒さんとの交流を目的で来日されました。 静岡や山梨、長野、東京の4か所を回り、たくさんの観光場所を訪れ、日本の文化を学んだり万華鏡作成体験を通じて楽しまれました。 長野県の中学校の学生さん達と学校交流では、実際に行われている授業にも参加されました。また、中国の学生さん達に最近人気な日本の観光スポット、早稲田大学のキャンパスの見学も行いました。


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富士山眺望ランチクルーズ Fuji view Lunch cruise.all-you-can-pack for tea .You should take this in one handful.

Recommended course (From the Tokai area) was added.

From the Tokai area. Nagoya City (8:00) ~ Sunpurakuichi (all-you-can-pack for tea) ~ Espals Dream Plaza (Mt. Fuji view lunch cruise ・ Shopping) ~ Tamaruya (You should take Wasabi Cup in one handful.) ~ Ishihara Marine Station (Seafood shopping) ~ Nagoya (Around 18:00)[One Day]





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京都の夏の風物詩・貴船川床(かわどこ)料理 Kyoto[Kawayuka] is a summer characteristic of Japan.

Recommended course (From the Tokai area) was added.

From the Tokai area. Nagoya City (8:30)~Kyoto ・ Kibune(Taste dishes that made use of seasonal ingredients at the famous riverbed set just above the Kibune Clear stream)~Shopping etc.~Nagoya city (around 18:00)[One Day]




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岩村城下町散策と不動温泉・囲炉裏料理 [Irori]A traditional Japanese sunken hearth for cooking food.

Recommended course (From the Tokai area) was added.

From the Tokai area. This course enjoys walking around the castle town of Iwamura that leaves the old townscape, which is an important traditional building group preservation area, and the hearthside dish. Experience a river descent while watching the best view of the bridge on a boat trip about 10 km from Tenryu Gorge to Karakasa.[One Day]




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International Young Pianist Competition held. 国際青少年ピアニストコンペティション開催決定


The final selection of the 6th International Young Pianist Competition follows Singapore last year and this year will be held at Nagoya College of Music from July 21nd to 23rd. An award ceremony will be held at Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Shirakawa Hall on the 24th. We will assist international cultural exchanges through our journey.

第6回 国際青少年ピアニストコンペティションの本選が、昨年のシンガポールに続き、今年は7月21日から23日に名古屋音楽大学にて開催されます。表彰セレモニーは24日に三井住友海上しらかわホールにて行われます。私たちは旅をとおして国際文化交流のお手伝いを致して参ります。

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石和温泉(あふれる湯量大庭園風呂と四季の味覚) Isawa hot spring
Overflowing hot water.Large garden bath and Taste of the four seasons.

Recommended course was added.

On the first day, we will visit the Yatsugatake Cheese Cake Workshop and Yamanashi Winery and stay at Ishiwa Onsen. On the second day, we will experience wrapping in the Shingen mochi(Japanese confectionery) factory tour of the bellflower shop. Linear visit center and Shinagurayama Asama park, we will visit various places.[One Night]


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姫川温泉(ぬくもりの温泉と日本海の幸) Himekawa Onsen.
Warmth of hot springs and Gift from the sea.

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On the first day, we will visit the Azumino wineries, Shinshu Ishii miso and lunch at Matsumoto (Matsumoto Castle / Nakamachi dori). We will stay at Himekawa Onsen, which is said to visit Hakuba jump (Olympic venue) and have efficacy for skin diseases as well. On the second day, take a lunch at the Fossa Magna Museum and the Museum of the Koukando Archives, Let's have a lunch at the sushi factory , Experience the fresh fresh fish world that is amazingly surprised with the Kittokito Fisherman's Wharf surely.[One Night]


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羽合(はわい)温泉(湖上露天風呂と山陰の味覚) Hawai Onsen.Open air bath on the lake.

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On the first day, we will visit Banshou Kiyomizu Temple and visit the Sea of Japan, Hakuto Coast, Hakuto Shrine, which served as the stage of the myth of white rabbits. We will stay at Hawai Onsen on lake top open-air bath which is rare in the whole country and enjoy the finest feeling. On the second day, we will sightsee Tottori Sand Dunes, Tottori Toshogu Shrine (Ouchidani Shrine). For lunch, I will eat traditional taste with Chizu, a sushi of persimmon leaves and feel the warm heart of Yamazato.[One Night]


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